ExO LaunchPad Mentoring

If you are looking for a way to grow your MVP in a reliable way to achieve exponential growth but you don’t want any additional software development resources, Vates proposes a methodology based on Exponential Organizations (ExO), Lean StartUp concepts and the application of agile methodologies for its development.

An Assestment of 125 questions is carried out to determine the current state of your StartUp, leaving us 8 dimensions of analysis represented in the graph below:

The same assessment determines the activities to be performed (product Backlog) to take the StartUp to the next stage through the application of agile methodologies, Sprint planning is performed to establish the sprint backlog (activities to be performed in each sprint), the assigned coach supports the team in carrying out the activities (for this purpose trallo and Mural are used) and at the end of the sprint it is controlled with the Sprint Review.

What is ExO Launchpad?

It is a meta methodology to help entrepreneurs transform their venture into a successful ExO (Exponential Organization) and digitally transform it. An exponential organization is one whose impact or output is at least 10 times greater compared to its peers due to new organizational techniques that leverage accelerator technologies.

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A mindset, when applied as a set of principles.

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A framework (and a mindset), when applied as a set of areas to develop in a specific order using different tools.

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A methodology when it is applied rigorously, following the iterative and following the iterative process and implementing all recommended actions and tools.

About the methodology

The Exo Purpose Launchpad methodology was developed internationally between 2019 and 2020 by Francisco Palao (Co-founder and CEO of ExO Works, is an award-winning innovator who has inspired and advised organizations around the world to design and implement disruptive innovation strategies for diverse industries. Co-author with Salim Ismail of the book “Exponential Transformation”, focused on helping companies implement the ExO model step by step).

This methodology was implemented by startups that participated in our Vates programs, with success and measurable results, in more than 50 StartUps and with a follow-up through digital tools with agile methodologies dynamics.

Some of the methodologies,
frameworks, and tools we will use

During Exo Launchpad we use validated innovation methodologies, frameworks, and tools that help us to continue to evolve the different eight key areas in the best possible way.

Design Thinking
Digital Transformation
Customer Development
Value Proposition
Business Model Canvas
MVP Development
Exo Canvas
Lean Startup
Running Lean
Scaling Lean
Exponential Organizations
Exponential Transformation
Exponential Technologies
Google Design Sprint
Agile Methodologies

Methodology application

It is applied as a set of principles or as an iterative process that continuously evolves key areas of an organization for specific purposes using validated innovation methodologies and tools.

Iterative evolution based on validated learning. The way we develop the different key areas of the Exo Launchpad is by progressing in the first area (Purpose) and then advancing a little further in the next area (Customer).

The iterative process has a specific order (Purpose, People, Customer, Abundance, Sustainability, Process, Product, and Metrics), as the eight areas are connected in such a way that a certain area always needs some prior evolution of the others. The progress of each undertaking is based on its initial situation (Initial Assessment) and in a clockwise direction of the dimensions.

Estimated ExO LaunchPad MVP timeframe:
4 months